How do I Volunteer if I need overnight accommodations?


We provide overnight volunteers with a place to sleep at the host church with breakfast, bag lunches, and dinners. Here’s how to register:

1. Find a project from our Current Projects list that interests you.

2. Complete a Trip Application Online (only one application is needed per team):

  • Click on Volunteer at the top of the screen and enter your email address.
  • You will receive an email (in your email inbox) with a link. Click on the link.
  • Select the first option: Sign up for a Trip as an Overnight Volunteer and Complete/Update Team Information

3. After you submit the application a Volunteer Coordinator will give you a call to schedule your trip. They will go over important details and send you a confirmation email.

4. Once you receive your confirmation email you will click on the link at the end of the email that will lead you to complete a series of volunteer forms.

5. After we receive your forms, we will review them and send you an approval code that you will take to the work site when you check in.

How do I volunteer if I would only like to serve for the day and do not need overnight accommodations?


1. Find a project from our Current Project list that interests you. If Day Volunteers are accepted at the site this will be listed at the bottom of the project description.

2. Complete Day Volunteer Forms:

  • Click on Volunteer at the top of the screen and enter your email address.
  • You will receive an email (in your email inbox) with a link. Click on the link.
  • Select the second option: Sign Up as a Day/Local Volunteer

3. After you submit your forms, they will be reviewed by a Volunteer Coordinator, and you will receive an approval code and instructions on when and where to arrive.

Where do you have volunteer opportunities?


Samaritan’s Purse has opportunities for volunteers to respond to disasters in the United States and participate in our rebuild and construction projects within the United States and internationally. You will always find an up-to-date list of opportunities under the current projects section of our website.

How old do I have to be to volunteer?


Team members must be 14 years of age or older at the time they serve. If 14 or 15 years old, a parent/legal guardian/grandparent must work with the child on site (unless they are part of a Youth Group). Team members 16 or 17 years of age need either a parent/legal guardian/grandparent present or an assigned adult chaperone who is 21 years of age or older from their team (unless they are part of a Youth Group). If a youth is serving on your team, you must notify Samaritan’s Purse Headquarters to receive a copy of the youth policy, special instruction, and paperwork specific for youth. For more information, please review our complete Volunteer Youth Policy.

There may be age restrictions on certain projects. Please review the current projects page for more information.

Do I have to be part of a group in order to volunteer?


No, we accept both individuals and groups for most projects. Group size may be limited depending on the site. This information can be found on the Current Projects page of our website.

Do I have to undergo a Background Check to volunteer?


Yes, if you are staying overnight at one of our volunteer sites, we require all volunteers, ages 18 or older, to undergo a Background Check. One of the volunteer forms you complete will ask you to enter information for this check. The information you provide is sent directly to Protect My Ministry, our Background Check provider, through a secure server.

Do I have to have any special training to volunteer?


No, all training is provided during a brief orientation once you arrive on a disaster, rebuild, or construction site.

Do you offer any other training opportunities?


Each year, Samaritan’s Purse hosts a Volunteer Retreat. This retreat is meant to serve as a time of spiritual refreshment for our volunteers and also offers training workshops for volunteers to learn new skills for future disaster responses.

Do I have to be a Christian to volunteer?


The primary mission of Samaritan’s Purse is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Therefore, we seek volunteers who have the same mindset. We ask that volunteers review and agree to our Statement of Faith before they serve.

What will we do in the mornings and evenings on a Disaster Relief or Rebuild site?


Devotions are conducted every morning by our staff or volunteers. Immediately following dinner, volunteers will have the opportunity to share their day’s experiences with the entire volunteer group during Share Time. The remainder of the evening is free.

Do I need to bring my own tools?


Samaritan’s Purse provides all tools needed at the work site. Volunteers should bring work boots, work gloves and safety glasses. You may bring your own tool belt with small hand tools if you’d like. Please make sure any tools you bring are well marked so that you can keep up with them.

Do I need to provide my own transportation?


For all domestic sites, volunteers must provide their own transportation to the base camp and to the worksite each day. Transportation for international sites varies by location. These details will be listed under the current projects page.

What are accommodations like when I volunteer?


For most domestic projects, volunteers are housed at a local church. Volunteers are asked to bring a twin size air mattress or cot to sleep on, as beds are not provided at most locations. Projects in Alaska may have more primitive conditions. Housing at international sites varies from site to site. You can find more information regarding housing for each site under the Current Projects section of our website.

How much do I have to pay to volunteer?


There is no charge to serve at any of our domestic projects. Food and lodging are provided at no charge at all Disaster Sites, Rebuild Sites and Construction Projects in the United States. The charge for International Trips varies from site to site and can be found under the Current Projects section of our website.

What can I expect a work day to look like on a domestic disaster or rebuild site?


Early Morning – Breakfast and Devotions
8:00 am – Depart for work site
Eat lunch at work site
4:30 pm – Return to church to clean up
Evening – Dinner and Share Time
Until Lights Out – Free Time

What do I need to bring with me when I volunteer?


We recommend bringing the following items:

  • Bible
  • appropriate work clothing/work gloves/safety glasses
  • appropriate bedding
  • towel/shower shoes/toiletries
  • cell phone/camera
  • insect repellant/sunscreen
  • small flashlight.

*Of course, you may want to bring others that are not listed or may need to bring specific items for a project that are not listed.

Can I bring my RV/Camper?


We may not be able to accommodate parking and hookups for an RV or Camper. This is evaluated on a site-by-site basis. Please ask your Volunteer Coordinator for more information.

What if I don’t have specialized skills?


Specialized skills are not required for many of our projects. We look for volunteers who have a servant’s heart and are willing and able to work hard. If specialized skills are required, we will list this on our website.

How can I be notified of new volunteer opportunities?


Our Volunteer E-Alert emails will notify you when new volunteer opportunities are added to our Current Projects list. To sign up, click here.

Can I buy an orange T-shirt like I’ve seen volunteers wear?


These t-shirts are not for sale and are given as a gift to those that serve on a site. If you are interested in viewing other Disaster Relief clothing available for purchase, please click here.

Can I purchase the Bibles that are given to homeowners on each disaster site?


Yes, the Billy Graham Training Center Bible (NKJV) is available for purchase through the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association bookstore at

How can my church partner with Samaritan’s Purse during times of disaster?


When a disaster strikes, Samaritan’s Purse partners with a local church whose facility and congregation are able and willing to help host the teams of volunteers and staff. Volunteers sleep and eat their meals at the church, and the facility is also where orientation for new volunteers is held and where our volunteer cooks prepare meals. Lighthouse churches are an integral part of Samaritan’s Purse relief efforts and could not operate without a dedicated church, pastor and congregation to help us reach out to their community. If your church is interested in serving in this way, please complete a Lighthouse Church Application.

If you have further questions, please email us or call the North American Ministries Volunteer Team at 828.262.1980.