Without the hard work and dedication of our volunteers, Samaritan’s Purse would not be able to serve disaster victims in Jesus’ Name the way we do each year through North American Ministries. Your safety and well-being are a priority while you are serving others, so we’ve created important guidelines for you to review. Please click the link below.


Samaritan’s Purse Volunteer Safety Information Fact Sheets

Chipper Machine Safety Tips

Construction Personal Protective Equipment

Flood Cleanup Hazards

Floodwater Hazards

Fungi Hazards and Flood Cleanup

Portable Generator Safety

Portable Ladder Safety 

Working Safely with Electricity

Working Safely with Chainsaws 

Working Safely Around Downed Electrical Wires


Protect Yourself! You may be exposed to:

Black Widow Spider

Brown Recluse Spider

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Fire Ants

Rodents Snakes and Insects